Figure Drawings

I studied many years with Jeff Watts, Steve Huston & Paul Wee. Learning everything from the human anatomy to design & rendering. It's a never ending journey! I've been very fortunate to learn from the best instructors in the business!

My Rough Sketches

Here's some more drawings! These were some of the very first drawings I did for the movie. At the time I didn't have a copy of the script at the time,... I just got bits 'n pieces of information about the story, events, new characters,.. etc.

© 2007 20th Century Fox

My Sketches for Simpsons Movie!

Here are a few drawings I did for the Simpsons Movie. I use a regular blue ball point pen to create my comps. Then add tone with an Indigo Blue Col-Erase color pencil. Usually I would add a red border to help tighten up my comps.

© 2007 20th Century Fox

Simpsons Movie Production!

My name is Erick Tran, I worked on " The Simpson" TV show, and just finished working on my very first feature length film, " The Simpsons Movie!". I've been with the Simpsons since summer of '96 as a character layout artist. Since then I've worked as an AD ( assistant director), and then went on to Lead Character artist for the movie.
My responsibilities ranged from supervising the animation crew, storyboarding, character designs, promos, finalizing the Simpsons family models for the big screen,.....and to hang out in all kinds of meetings with David Silverman (Director) and Richard Sakai (Executive producer). It's a privilege to contribute to a film that is a world wide success!

Here with Academy Award® winner Hans Zimmer. He's a world renowned film composer, and the coolest guy you could ever meet. I had the privilege of shooting "behind the scenes" footage during scoring for DVD content. The music was amazing!! It was truly an honor working along side with him!

Going over film sequences with Directors.